How to Get Free cPanel Hosting

When it comes to hosting, you’ve probably been wondering how you can get free cPanel hosting. The good news is that cPanel comes with most hosting plans. Although cPanel is a popular control panel and a prime target for hackers, it’s still not free. Let’s find out how you can get a free cPanel hosting account and why you should avoid using it.

cPanel is a third-party application

cPanel is a popular control panel tool that is designed to make website management easier. One of the most useful tools is the Softaculous App Installer, which allows users to add a number of applications to their website, including content management systems, social networking, and image galleries. This software also offers dedicated technical manuals and reliable customer support. It is also compatible with several popular web browsers and offers a wide range of additional software and applications.

cPanel comes with several modules, each with different features. The cPanel interface is easy to navigate, and it provides metrics about visitors’ behavior. For example, a visitor’s IP address, browser, operating system, and geographic location can be seen in the Visitors interface. Users can also set custom settings and monitor the performance of their websites. The interface also includes tools for logging and monitoring resources.

It’s a popular control panel

There are many benefits to using a control panel for your website, but it can be difficult to decide which one to use. There are several open source control panels available, but cPanel is probably the most popular and easiest to use. In addition to its ease of use, cPanel also supports Berkeley Software Distribution, which implies that it is user-friendly and easy to use.

Another free control panel is ISPConfig, which has two interfaces, one for administrators and one for clients. ISPConfig offers multi-server support and is compatible with many Linux distributions. While it is free, it does have a steep learning curve. Buying the official user manual can help you get started, though. This control panel can also be used on Ubuntu and Debian servers.

It’s a prime target for hackers

One of the main reasons cPanel hosting is prone to attack is due to the vulnerability of cPanel. Hackers are actively looking for ways to compromise cPanel hosting. These hackers use stolen credentials and brute force 2FA authentication to gain access to your account. Alternatively, you can sell your cPanel credentials to hackers.

A common attack uses scripts to guess administrator and customer passwords. The attackers then use these credentials to gain access to your cPanel dashboard and control over your domains. You can also install cPHulk on your server. This tool will monitor the ports associated with brute-force attacks and block them. The software will also prompt you to reset your password to prevent them from gaining access to your account.

It’s not free

There is a downside to free cPanel hosting: the application itself is not free. Although most hosting companies provide cPanel as a part of their hosting plans, you must pay for subsequent years. The costs of cPanel have increased significantly in recent years, and many companies are considering switching to another website control panel. You must remember that your username and password are private, so be sure to keep them secure.

If you’re looking for a free cPanel hosting alternative, consider Yunohost. Yunohost does not offer a direct control panel, but a suite of applications that you can install with a few clicks. These apps range from a full email stack to an instant messaging platform to a security manager. Yunohost’s user interface is very easy to use and designed with non-technical users in mind.

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