Which Credit Card is Best For Online Shopping?

When it comes to making purchases online, the best credit cards for online shopping are those that offer a generous welcome bonus. But timing of the application for your new card with a big purchase is crucial for getting the maximum rewards. Some cards have free shipping, which is a major selling point when shopping online. But if you can’t wait to get the package, avoid a card with a low welcome bonus and opt for one that has a higher interest rate.

OCBC Frank Credit Card

If you shop a lot online, you might find the OCBC Frank Credit Card to be the best option. It has a high cash rebate rate of 6% on online shopping and even more special rebates for overseas expenses. The OCBC Frank Credit Card is available to consumers of all ages, including students, expatriates, and corporate clients. It also waives the annual fee on purchases under S$10,000, so it’s perfect for online shoppers who want to spend a little on their credit cards to save money.

HSBC Red Mastercard

The HSBC Red Mastercard is an excellent option for online shoppers, and it offers a lot of benefits to its users. For one, you’ll be able to earn up to four times the points you earn by making purchases online or at your local supermarket. In addition, you’ll enjoy perpetual annual fee waiver and RewardCash, which can be used to redeem air miles or offset monthly spending. If you have a high income and prefer a card that has lower interest rates, this credit card may be for you.

Capital One-Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Considering the benefits of the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Cards, you can easily make your online shopping experience more convenient. The 0% introductory APR offer makes it easy to track your rewards, even with frequent online shopping. Capital One offers no annual fee, no monthly fees, and no offsetting expenses. So, you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card offers generous rewards and no annual fees, but it doesn’t cover all the bases for online shoppers. Depending on your spending habits, you may want to consider a different cash back credit card. In this review, we’ll look at the card’s features and pros and cons. Hopefully, the information will be helpful for you in choosing the right card for your needs.

Amex Gold Card

The Amex Platinum Card offers more than $400 in reward points per year, but without transfer partners, the card isn’t as valuable. The Capital One-Venture Rewards Credit Card also has a generous reward program but requires $4,000 in purchases in the first three months. The downside is the annual fee of $95 – a price that might be justified for those who spend most of their time online. However, it is still a good choice if you value rewards as much as you do shopping online.

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