What’s the Best Free Conference Call Service?

So you’re on a budget but still need to have a conference call with colleagues. The question is, what’s the best free conference call service? Let’s look at Zoom, Dialpad, Webex, Nextiva, and more. There are benefits to all of them, but which one is the best? And what is the main difference between these different services? Here are some tips to help you decide.


If you’re wondering if Zoom is the best free conference call service, think again. Zoom is a cloud-based communication software platform that lets you hold video and audio conference calls. You can call up to 300 people with its Business plan, and it supports video conferencing with multiple participants in real-time. The free version of Zoom records your calls locally in MP4 or M4A format. Zoom’s paid version includes cloud-based recording, so you can store them securely in the cloud.

There are two plans offered by Zoom: a free version that has limited features and allows up to three participants, and a paid version that lets you hold unlimited meetings. Zoom’s free version has a forty-minute limit, while its paid plan allows you to record your conference calls and include up to 256 participants. This is an excellent free conference call service, but it comes with limitations. The free plan limits the number of participants to three, which might not be enough for your needs. You can always upgrade to a paid version if you need more features, but the free plan has a 40-minute limit.


If you’re looking for a free conference call service that also has high-quality audio and video, you can’t go wrong with Dialpad Meetings. Its web conferencing service offers video communication, team chat, and audio calling for all participants. The free plan lets you host a 45-minute meeting for up to 10 people. The best part is that there is no download to install. You can host or join a conference call from your phone, web browser, Google Chrome extension, or a mobile device.

The free plan of Dialpad Meetings has some restrictions. You can only have up to 45-minute meetings, but the paid plan expands this limit to five hours. For comparison, RingCentral offers only 24 hours of meeting time. Other free conference call software services provide at least an hour of meeting time. Dialpad Meetings has basic features, including audio and video. It also has AI technology that helps you take notes.


Conference call services allow people to have face-to-face meetings over the internet. These services can be free or premium and will suit your needs. In this article, we’ll outline the best conference call services based on their features and pricing. We’ll also cover which ones are best for different types of users. Some of the key criteria to look for include audio and video capabilities and the ability to have ten or more participants at a time.

One of the main advantages of Webex is its compatibility with Microsoft and Google tools. You can use Webex on any device and you don’t need to download a desktop app. The desktop app offers all the same features as the browser version. For users who don’t have a mic, Webex also has a dial-in feature. VoIP allows you to change audio devices to suit your preferences – a feature not found on most of its competitors.


If you are looking for a free conference calling service with unlimited participants, Nextiva is for you. With Nextiva, you’ll enjoy unlimited conference calls with up to 40 participants, and you can also have as many as 250 on video conferences with the Nextiva Professional plan. You can also use the service for video-conferencing and collaboration with teams and the ability to share files and presentations. Nextiva is one of the leaders in the VoIP communications space.

For small businesses, Nextiva offers a feature-packed and simple-to-use service that manages all your conference calls. You can easily add team members and set up call forwarding rules based on departments. You can also set unlimited audio and video conferencing and use Nextiva to save money on phone bills. The best part is that Nextiva offers a free trial period of seven days. Nextiva is also compatible with mobile devices and is ideal for small businesses and work-from-home businesses.

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