What’s the Best College for Lawyers?

If you’re planning on becoming a lawyer, you might want to consider getting your bachelor’s degree from a college with a strong law program. A good college that offers a top-notch law program should have a solid math department, which helps you with critical thinking skills essential in the legal field. Also, a major in English is a great choice, as lawyers spend a lot of time writing, researching, and speaking in court. English majors learn to analyze long books and develop their verbal and written language skills.

Columbia Law School

When it comes to law schools, Columbia Law School is arguably the top option for law school students. While the admissions process is competitive, acceptance rates are consistently below 50%. Currently, the acceptance rate for 2020 is 16.8%, and the median LSAT score for accepted students is 172. Students with good grades are encouraged to apply early, as the school offers a binding Early Decision option that students must complete by November 15.


The School of Law at New York University is one of the oldest law schools in the United States. Founded in 1835, NYU has been a leading private research university in New York City. It is also the oldest law school in New York State. In fact, NYU is the oldest law school in the city. There are several factors to consider before choosing a school for your legal education. Listed below are some of the benefits of attending NYU.

Michigan State

The first year at MSU Law is a balance of traditional academic coursework and skills-based learning. Students complete the core courses of an American legal education, such as legal research and the foundations of the law. In the spring semester, students begin to build their legal skills with an advocacy course and an advanced legal skills course. This curriculum sets the foundation for future academic work. The school’s excellent reputation is further reinforced by its stellar clinical programs.

Wake Forest University

The Wake Forest University School of Law is a professional graduate school of the university, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is an accredited member of the Association of American Law Schools and is affiliated with the American Bar Association. Students who graduate from the Wake Forest University School of Law have earned the highest levels of education in the legal profession. While many colleges offer similar programs, some distinguish their schools based on the quality of their legal education.


The graduate law school at Vanderbilt University is one of the oldest in the southern United States. It consistently ranks among the top 20 law schools in the country. With a tradition that stretches back more than a century, Vanderbilt is one of the most revered colleges for lawyers in the country. Its graduates enjoy success in both the public and private sectors. And with its proximity to Nashville, the school’s reputation for quality is well-earned.

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