The Best Gaming Smartphone Rankings

The future of phones is an amazing one to watch considering that it has only been within the past few years that we’ve seen such dramatic technological advancements. The first phones were bulky, clunky affairs and lacked much in the way of functional features. They struggled with graphics and simply couldn’t keep up with the competition. Fast forward to the present and we see amazing new advances in terms of both form and function thanks to some of the best gaming smartphones.

best gaming smartphone 2021


YouTube Redirection… or more accurately, the YouTube Redirectory! This wonderful new feature has taken the humble smartphone and given it the power to perform like a video game console. If you’re familiar with YouTube, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Essentially, the YouTube Redirectory feature simply puts the user behind the scenes of their favourite YouTube video. They can then go to that video, watch the video, then go back to where they started, saving all the progress they’ve made right from the outset. Brilliant.


The top five best gaming smartphone devices on the market all have something unique to offer. To name but a few, we have the LG Optimus, which packs quite the punch. The Optimus allows you to download games faster than ever before thanks to its super-fast Internet pipeline. It also enables you to play downloaded Android games on the go, something which previously meant you needed a PC to do so. So, if you’ve got the Optimus and can’t get enough of those YouTube videos, then this is definitely the device for you… although it’s probably best enjoyed on the big screen too.


In fact, if we were to compile our top 5 smartphones best gaming smartphones list, then the Optimus would feature very strongly. So let’s move onto the next item on our list, the LG Nexus S. As we said in the opening section of this article, this device is great for gamers and casual phone users alike. It’s great for watching YouTube and having fun social networking with friends, but it can also be used to take your laptop along on an airplane! With a huge selection of apps, this smartphone definitely has everything you could possibly need, so if you want to entertain yourself whilst you’re travelling, then the LG Nexus S is definitely a winner.


The next item in our list is another mobile computing device which is proving popular with people everywhere, the iPhone. This fantastic phone offers a lot of different ways in which you can entertain yourself, including the ability to download apps to your phone and listen to music, videos and podcasts. With the 3G technology, this phone can even browse the web using data provided by the AT&T GPRS network. For some, these attributes are enough of a reason to buy the iPhone, but for others, they’ll add that little bit more to the iPhone as it’s arguably one of the best gadgets out at the moment… so who’ll argue with the winner?


Next up in our list of the best gaming smartphoneenders is the Samsung Galaxy S. This phone is one of the biggest releases from Samsung, and it comes in at number four on our list. This phone offers a host of features, including everything from Air Gesture navigation to HID projector functionality, but it also comes equipped with the world’s most powerful processor, the Exynos processor. This means that this phone will have access to all the features your friends will be using on high end smartphones… but it also means that it’ll be quicker and more responsive than the iPhone, especially when it comes to multitasking. To complete our top 5 best gaming smartphone Rankings, we’ve added the Google Nexus S to the equation, because it has a huge amount of power in comparison to the iPhone and offers a huge variety of different apps.


Finally, in our list of the best budget gaming smartphones, we have the Google Nexus S. This phone offers a lot for a relatively small price – in fact, it’s one of the best bargains you can find for a powerful smartphone. In fact, it’s so powerful that Google actually recommends it as the best smartphone you can buy today. You can get today’s Google apps, plenty of storage space, and high definition video playback, to name a few things.


So there you have it. The best gaming smartphones are out there, and you don’t need a lot of money to get one. In fact, you can get the best gaming smartphone for a low price with some of the best handsets available. All you need to do is compare prices online and find a great deal.

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